Both men and women produce androgenic hormones (typically called male sex hormones) which help to regulate sperm production, egg development, sexual desire and sexual performance. Women produce androgenic hormones from their ovaries and adrenal glands during reproductive years and continue producing much smaller amounts from the ovaries after the menopause. Men produce androgenic hormones from the testes and adrenal glands throughout life. Problems that interfere with these functions can profoundly impact on fertility.


Problems caused by lack of androgens:

Androgens are not just crucial for egg and sperm production, but for sexual functioning as well, and their deficiency can interfere with all of those processes. Lack of androgen production can result in:

  • Deficient sperm formation (and sometimes even complete absence of sperm)
  • Poor egg development resulting in deficient or no ovulation (lack of egg release)
  • Lack of sexual arousal, lack of orgasm
  • Disorders of sexual performance (mainly impotence)


What causes lack of androgens?

It is important that the cause of the problem is fully understood before treatment can be advised. These causes typically include:

  • Inherited conditions  genetic abnormalities in males and females; abnormal formation of the ovaries/testes
  • Acquired hormonal conditions  ovarian demise (failure), menopause, testicular demise (failure)
  • Acquired non-hormonal conditions  certain drugs, chronic illness, metabolic syndrome, obesity


Androgen replacement therapy:

Aurora has specialist andrologists who carry out extensive tests to determine the precise cause of androgen insufficiency. We then formulate an androgen replacement treatment plan that typically include removal of the problematic factors, and androgen replacement therapy. Our therapy is designed to promote wellbeing in both men and women, and augment egg/sperm quality.