If you have begun to think about starting a family, you might want to look into Fertility Profiling. This is a process whereby a couple or individual would like reassurance of their fertility by undergoing some simple tests.


We offer the following services:


Female Fertility Check:

Hormonal Screen

This is a thorough analysis of hormone production, performed over 1-2 menstrual cycles. Hormonal screen tests include assessment of female ovarian function using blood tests for FSH, LH and Progesterone. Women who do not have regular ovulation or periods will be required to have additional blood tests.


Ovarian Reserve Tests

These help us estimate the functional age, and therefore fertility potential, of a woman’s ovaries. We undertake both blood (anti-mullerian hormone – AMH) and ultrasound (antral follicle count) ovarian reserve tests.


Outpatient Tubal Patency Test (HYCOSY)

We prefer to check normality of the fallopian tubes using an ultrasound test called HyCoSy. This is a painless, straightforward outpatient procedure that takes about 45 minutes. Some women are better suited to x-ray tests of tubal patency, due to high BMI or pelvic masses.



Male fertility check:

Sperm Quality Test

This test is performed on ejaculated sperm after 3-4 days of sexual abstinence. It measures the number, movement and normality of sperm, as well as presence of anti-sperm antibodies.


No matter the outcome of your fertility profiling, we’ll be there to explain next steps and offer counselling, should it be required.